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Organic Red Sweet Potato - 500g

approx. 1 to 2 pcs per 500g

Approx. 500g
Storage Instructions: Keep in a cool dry place.


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The Red Sweet potatoes are root vegetable that has reddish skin color and white flesh. The taste is mildly sweet, and pretty moist inside.
Sweet potatoes are popular root vegetable as they are loaded with vitamins, minerals. Not to mention, they offer number of health benefits and are easy to add to your diet.
One of this is Vitamin A, a single sweet potato can contain 769 percent of the amount of Vitamin A you need to consume daily to protect your vision, bones and skin, and helps strengthen your immune system.
Try munching on sweet potato chips or add a twist to your sandwiches, or top on your favorite salad.
Organic Red Sweet potatoes are root crops that don't get attacked by pests, and therefore, aren't sprayed with as many pesticides.

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