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Organic Sweet Corn - 500g

Approx. 500g
Storage Instructions: Place in a plastic bag and refrigerate for about 3 days.

United Arab Emirates

AED 9.75

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Sweet Corn has a delicious taste which was named for its juicy and sweet kernels. It contains of high sugar content, picked while immature before its sugar turns into a starch.
This Sweet Corn plays a vital role in improving digestion and helps rid any digestive problems like constipation. It also contains folic that keeps your heart healthy and prevents various heart disorders and cardiovascular diseases.
Corn is mostly used as main ingredients in breakfast cereal or in a baking dish.
It can be eaten during your snack (boiled corn / corn cup / popcorn), or mix it in a salad or soup.
Organic sweet corn is produced with natural methods that do not include pesticides or petroleum-based fertilizers giving you more nutrients to absorb.

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