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Food Crowd Mixed Organic Box


Storage Instructions: Store as per indvidual box contents

United Arab Emirates

AED 289.00

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Our Food Crowd Mixed Organic Box has been carefully pre-selected and is freshly packed when you order. 
For your convenience, we have created this pre-packed box to contain a mix of our most popular organic products, from our own organic chicken and diary products to the most popular organic fruit and veg. 
This organic box contains:
500g x Organic Apple Gala
500g x Organic Avocado
1kg x Organic Banana
500g x Organic Green Capsicum
500g x Organic Cucumber
500g x Organic Potato
500g x Organic Tomato
1ltr x Full Fat Organic Fresh Milk
1ltr x Organic Laban
Carton of 10 x Organic Brown Eggs
500g x Organic Baby Chicken
500g x Organic Chicken Breast Fillet

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