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Organic Yellow Zucchini - 500g


Approx. 500g
Storage Instructions: Place in a plastic bag and refrigerate for about 10 days.

United Arab Emirates

AED 13.90

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Yellow Zucchini looks like yellow squash, but don't get confused, this Zucchini does not taper at the neck like yellow squash.
This Yellow Zucchini is sometimes called Golden Zucchini because of its brilliant yellow color and the flavor has a bit sweeter taste than Green Zucchini.
The light flavor of this Yellow Zucchini pairs well on various recipes, you can either steam it, boil, bake, grilled, make it as substitute for pasta, or enjoy eating it raw.
Organic Yellow Zucchini offers amazing health benefits when added to your diet.
It has high fiber, which plays an important role in digestion, and contains antioxidants that improves your eye vision.

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