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Earth's Finest Organic Coconut Butter - 200ml


Mother Nature's Goodness
Storage Instructions: Refrigerate after opening and consume within 2 days

Sri Lanka

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Earth’s Finest Organic Coconut Butter is entirely different to Organic Coconut Oil.
Coconut oil is made from the extracted fat of white coconut meat, whereas the butter includes the fibrous shreds of organic coconut meat.
Coconut butter is a delicious and creamy whole food containing all the healthy benefits of coconut oil.
Earth’s Finest Coconut Butter is smooth and melts in your mouth, giving you the rich, luscious taste and aroma of fresh coconut.
Earth’s Finest Coconut Butter contains: Dietary fibre, which provides additional health benefits such as improved digestion and higher energy levels.
One tablespoon of Coconut butter provides 2 grams of fibre.
Good source of protein.
Vitamins and Minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and iron.
‘Healthy’ fats which help with weight loss. 
Use Organic Coconut butter in salads, toasts, pancakes, smoothies and baking.
It can be spread on toast or banana bread instead of butter, in icing for cakes and cupcakes, used as a nourishing add-on for your kids meals or you can blend it with your favorite fruit and coat with chocolate to make truffles.
It is great to use in cooking and as a substitute to traditional butter, especially as a spread over bread, buns or muffins. 
Completely vegan friendly.

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