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Earth's Finest Organic Green Tea with Lemon - 25 Tea bags


Mother Nature's Goodness
Storage Instructions: Store in a cool dry place

Sri Lanka

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Earth's Finest Moringa Tea, infused with Lemon, is made from the finest leaves harvested from oganically grown Moringa Trees in Sri Lanka.
The leaves are handpicked and sun dried, preserving their goodness and nutrition.
Every cup of Moringa Tea with Lemon will provide your body with vital nutrients, loaded with antioxidants and vitamins to help clear your mind and boost your energy levels.
Earth's Finest Moringa Tea includes the stalk in making the tea because of its fibre content. The dried leaves ar then ground for 10-15 seconds, then packed into tea bags.
One of the biggest benefits of Moringe Leaf Tea is that it contains no caffeine.
It is also rich in:
Minerals, amino acids and orin.
Vitamins A, B & C.
Over 90 nutrients that help clear your mind and boost your energy levels.
Anti-inflammatory compounds. 

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