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Food Crowd Cheese Board


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Storage Instructions: Keep refrigerated.

United Arab Emirates

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It's about time you and your partner spend together while working on something your whole family can enjoy.
Try our appetizing Food Crowd Cheese Box with a variety of cheese to relish, mixed with some fresh, preselected vegetables and delicious smoked meat.
Surprise your family with some mouth-watering meal and transform your table into a perfect date to cherish.
Box contains:
1 x Al Dahra Cream Cheese Cheddar 620g
1 x Al Dahra Haloumi Plain Vacuumed 225g
1 x Al Dahra Labna Ball 250g
1 x Al Dahra Shanklish 200g
1 x Al Dahra Feta Cheese Vacuumed 200g
1 x Hajdu Kashkaval Cow Milk Cheese 250g
1 x Marias Cheddar Color Slices 150g
1 x Fragata Olives Green Stuffed 340g
1 x Fresh Cucumber 500g
1 x Cherry Tomato 250g
1 x Al Fumo Smoked Turkey 200g
1 x Al Fumo Smoked Brisket 200g
1 x Bread Baguette
1 x Crackers 100g

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