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Cajun Chicken Pasta DIY Box


Fresh pre-portioned ingredients with easy recipe instruction.
Storage Instructions: Keep refrigerated if not use immediately.

United Arab Emirates

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No time to shop for your meal?
Tired of measuring and preparing ingredients.
Reduce wasted ingredients; save money and time, try our DIY Box with easy to follow cooking instructions.

One of our favorite recipe:

Creamy, smoky with spicy kick, this Cajun Chicken Pasta recipe is incredibly healthy and easy to prepare at home, a perfect meal for weeknight dinner of 2.

200 gm - Chicken Breast
200 gm - Penne Pasta (uncooked)
20 ml - Canola Oil
80 gm - Mushrooms
80 gm - Capsicums
50 gm - Red Onion
5 gm - Paprika
1 gm - Thyme, dried
1 gm - Oregano, dried
1 gm - Chili flakes
3 gm - Garlic powder
500 ml - Cooking Cream
10 gm - Salt
10 gm - Pepper

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